What is Syfonic Drainage

High-rainfall roof drainage specialists

Syfon Systems technology provides a simple, unique, high-rainfall roof drainage product specifically suited to the Asia Pacific climates.

Syfon Systems syfonic roof drainage system, designed and developed in Australia, equates to;

  • Lower capital costs

  • Reduced construction time

  • Architectural flexibility in building design that no other system can match

Syfonic Roof Drainage

(Duration: 11mins)

Siphonic Roof Drainage Presentation (Duration: 11mins)

Syfonic Roof Drainage

(Duration: 2mins)

Syfonic Roof Drainage Animation (Duration: 2mins)

Syfon Systems drain greater volumes of water, for longer distances, with fewer downpipes.

All rainwater is;

  • Collected via the company’s high rainfall syfonic gutter inlets

  • Reticulated at high level through a piping system that does not require grade

The result is a more effective and efficient system resulting in;

  • Significantly reduced pipe dimensions

  • Higher flow rates

  • Less reliance on pipe slope

  • While in turn vastly reducing the need for underground drains