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Siphonic Roof Drainage Presentation
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Cyberjaya Mosque - Malaysia





Cyberjaya mosque - Malaysia


Designed to cater for the growing population of Cyberjaya, the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Malaysia, the Cyberjaya Mosque aims to be the first platinum rated green mosque in the world.


Sitting on 17.5hectares of land, the mosque will be equipped with Building-Integrated Photovoltaic System to harvest solar energy from the sun.


Syfon Systems syfonic drainage system will also provide environmental benefits with the system able to reticulate storm water from the roof whilst separating contaminated water from car parks. Due for completion: February 2015. 



WATCH: Cyberjaya Mosque video (Duration: 3.26mins)

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Syfon Systems technology provides a simple, unique, high-rainfall roof drainage product specifically suited to the Australian, New Zealand and Asian climates.

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