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Siphonic Roof Drainage Presentation
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Siphonic Roof Drainage Animation
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MRT Station S3 Package – KL, Malaysia




MRT Station S3 Package – KL, Malaysia


The KL MRT is Malaysia’s first mass rapid transit project and is set to transform Malaysia into a world-class economic and tourism hub.


The proposed $12 billion, three-line project aims to carry 400,000 commuters daily, with each train serving having a total capacity of 1200 passengers, and running at 3.5minute intervals.


Syfon Systems are providing specialist services for the MRT station S3 package of The Curve, One Utama And Tamn Tun Dr Ismail. 



WATCH: MRT Station S3 Package video (Duration: 1.00mins)

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Syfon Systems technology provides a simple, unique, high-rainfall roof drainage product specifically suited to the Australian, New Zealand and Asian climates.

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