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Siphonic Roof Drainage Presentation
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Siphonic Roof Drainage Animation
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Darling Harbour Live – Sydney, NSW

darling harbour live – sydney nsw

darling harbour live plan – sydney nsw

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Darling Harbour Live Flythrough
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Darling Harbour Live – Sydney, NSW

Darling Harbour’s most exciting renewal project in 25 years, ‘Darling Harbour Live’ will become home to Australia’s largest convention and exhibition facilities, Sydney’s largest red carpet entertainment venue, and a luxury hotel.

Opening in late 2016, the new world-class convention, exhibition and entertainment facilities are aimed at ensuring Sydney remains the choice in Australia and Asia Pacific for the competitive business events industry.

Syfon Systems team will deliver a world-class syfonic solution for this 20hectare transformation.

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What is syfonic drainage?

Syfon Systems technology provides a simple, unique, high-rainfall roof drainage product specifically suited to the Australian, New Zealand and Asian climates.

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